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Who's Felicia Maekup?

Hey guys, I'm Felicia, and this is my first blog.

Being a Mom of FIVE, I can totally dig how we get lazy. The last thing I want to do some days is brush my teeth let alone wear makeup. For those of you who aren't makeup savvy, the thought of following along with some girl with perfect contour and fluffy lashes on YouTube can be intimidating and frustrating and just really really annoying. Not to mention the products that are being plugged by a lot of the popular YouTube stars are more than your weeks amount of baby formula (and that's the name brand formula). I am here to say... It aint even gotta be like dat. (excuse my slang, those who know me understand me).

A lot of great things since Instagram and YouTube put makeup artists and companies on the market have happened. MAC Cosmetics is no longer at the top of the food chain when it comes to makeup. Smaller companies have come in and dominated the game with cheaper prices and the same if not better quality. Makeup Geek, Colour Pop, and BH Cosmetics are all examples of this. But as the popularity continues to grow and the market becomes more competitive, Drug Store makeup has made a huge comeback. I find myself reaching more for my L'Oréal True Match Foundation than any other brand of makeup. Why? Because it's cheap, everywhere, and is one hell of a foundation.

Basically, you can fit glam into your budget as long as you know what works for you. I remember being poor with newborn twins and window shopping the MAC counter at the mall. All the beautiful artists asking me what I was looking for as I froze and put my cape over my face and ran out like Quasimoto, late to ring his bell (limp and all). So I get you, boo...

My blog is tailored to inspire all you beautiful women out there who have no idea what you're doing, who are balling on a budget, or just need some inspo to get in touch with your creative side. We can have it all and I can't wait to share my knowledge with you in my next blogs!

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